Who Am I

Hi. My name is Mohammad Jeprie. Currently I’m working as a book writer in PT. Elex Media Komputindo. Until now, I have written more than 15 books on Photoshop and Flash.

About This Site

I don’t see much Photoshop tutorial site in Indonesia. That’s what makes me create this site. I always have strong passion to share knowledge. I know a bit about Photoshop, and that’s all that I gave.

My Tutorial in Other Sites

I also wrote lots of tutorial in other sites. If you want me to write a tutorial for your site, please call me here.

Design Instruct


Photoshop Tutorials

Tutorial Lounge





I also draw some mockup now. Here’s list of them.
Vandelay Premier


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  1. Wahhhh …. Salah Satu penulis tutplus USING Indonesia … Muantabbbsss …. ternyata Elex Media Orang toh … terus pasangan bekerja …

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