How to Create a Photo Realistic Camera

Yay! Another tutorial for Psdtuts+. This is my longest tutorial ever made. There’s 92 steps and 150 screenshots. This tutorial shows us how to create a realistic camera, so realistic you’ll think it’s just an ordinary photo. The camera is based on Nikon D-60. Read full tutorial here.
If you know me in Facebook, you’ll recognize my workflow with this image from the beginning because I did upload some of its early screenshots in my Facebook photo album. This is definitely the longest and time consuming image I’ve ever made and thank God the result is satisfying.

This is screenshot I have after 2 or 3 day working. I add “tomorrow must finish”. So, I’m hoping that image will be finished in 4 days.

Menggambar Kamera Realistis

The fact is, there’s so many details in this image that made me desperate. I’m not sure if I can finish it so I worked on it in my spare time, 1-2 hours a day. After 2 weeks, its done and I send it to Sean Hodge, editor of Psdtuts+. Off course he received it with additional note to use fictitious brand, not real Nikon. This camera is made entirely in Photoshop except the texture that I found from Design Instruct.

Menggambar Kamera Realistis

After done with my book and another tutorials, I start to return on this image and make some minor changes. I decided to create my own leather texture in Photoshop. So I send this picture to Sean, which is a comparison of camera with real and artificial texture. Finally, it’s decided that the making of artificial leather texture is written in separated quick tip tutorial.

Menggambar Kamera Realistis

Finally, here’s what we have in Psdtuts+. Read full tutorial here.

Menggambar Kamera Realistis

I don’t remember how many hours I spent for this project. One thing is certain, this is an amazing project for me, I learn a lot in the process and… it’s nice to be part of the design community.


Link Tutorial

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9 respons untuk ‘How to Create a Photo Realistic Camera

  1. wah keren nih mas tutorialnya. saya baru bikin 2 tutorial nih, masih mikir2 untuk tutorial berikutnya bikin apa kira-kira.. hmm. oya, boleh nanya? ada tips and tricks khusus gak untuk submit tutorial di psdtuts?

  2. wah keren nih mas tutorialnya. Saya Baru nih tutorial bikin 2, masih mikir2 untuk Artikel berikutnya bikin tutorial APA Kira-Kira .. hmm. Oya nanya, boleh? Ada tips dan trik gak Khusus untuk Artikel submit tutorial Di psdtuts?

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