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Ordinary Business Card with Gorgeous Design

A designer should always different from other worker from another field. This also works for their business card. Their business card need to give the owner an impression of creative and thinking out of the box. That’s why we find many designer has unique business card. The problem is unique is not cheap. In this […]

Digital Painting from Wenart Gunadi

After few hours browsing in deviantART, I found some amazing digital paintings from Wenart Gunadi. In this post I collect some of his finest work. Hopefully these will inspire us! (more…)

Retro Futuristic Style of James White

James White has a very unique style, he combines retro color scheme (which ussualy old style) with futuristic vision. His style is so unique, we will recognize it in a glimpse. I gather some of his best work here, enjoy! (more…)

Cute Illustration from Ryankon

I found Ryankon from a Daily Deviation in DeviantArt. Seems like he specialized in character design and he did it very well. One interesting fact, he just finished his junior high school exam. (more…)