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If you don't know Spongebob, then you must be living in a cave or live a too serious life. First time I saw Spongebob on TV, I think he's just a stupid character. Guess what? I'm right. He's so stupid, makes him a very funny character.

In this tutorial, we will use Adobe Illustrator to draw Spongebob. There's no super complex techniques here. We just use basic tool, such as pen, rectangle, ellips, and combine all the shape to a more complex shape.

Draw Spongebob Using Illustrator

Preview Before starting this tutorial, let’s take a look at our final image. This image is based one of the scene in Spongebob movie. Before doing this tutorial, make sure to search for some reference from google. Step 1: Spongebob Front Face Let’s start with front face of Spongebob. Use pen tool to draw this […]

Create Metallic Name Plate on Wood

Create Metallic Name Plate on Wood

In this tutorial, we will create an iron name plate with emboss text inside it. This plate will be screwed to a wooden texture. All objects in the image is made entirely in Photoshop. You will learn how to create vector shapes in Photoshop and combine it with layer styles. (more…)